Foxberryhills – is a small kennel not far from Saint-Petersburg.  

Our history with ess has began in 2008 the day when young lady Saima - Baskethills Jewel To You came to us from the North of Finland.
We are so grateful to her breeder Jaana Heiskari! This sweet girl has turned our life. We were so impressed by this breed.

Since that time springers are the one and only breed in the world for us!
We got our prefix Foxberryhills in 2009. And our very first litter was born in 2010.
Two puppies from this litter Kaj and Gerda are living with us.
Also we have imported our beautiful Lotta from the famous Dannish kennel Sieger's.
Currently there are 6 ess in our house.
Dogs bring a lot of happiness to our life. All our free time we spend with them for walking, training, grooming, dog shows and etc.
All dogs are living with us in the house.
All of them are true members of our family.
I can't stop telling that all our successes it is not just because of our family but it is also a huge work of all our big team together with all puppy owners.
And I am so thankful for that!

Ekaterina Anikushina











My parents, Kaj and me. May 2019


Our home, spring 2016


 View to the river Lemovzha from our garden, spring 2016


Back yard, autumn 2016




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