Our dogs



Foxberryhills My Heart Melody ♀



Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel ♀


Foxberryhills Violet Dream ♀ 


Foxberryhills Eternal Jewel ♀


 Foxberryhills Jewel To You Forever ♀

Foxberryhills Ideal Of Hope ♀


Sieger's My Kind Of Hero ♂







Happy retirement


 Foxberryhill's Arctic Jewel ♀

Foxberryhill's Around the World ♂ 

Sieger's Easy Come Easy Go ♀









 Another dogs bred by us






Foxberryhills Ginger Cake ♂ 







Foxberryhills Vittoria Mia Arte ♀

Foxberryhill's Don't Stop Me ♂

Foxberryhills Dark Chocolate ♂

 Foxberryhills Galaxy Of Joy ♀


 Foxberryhills Journey To The Dream ♂



  Foxberryhills Brave Heart ♂ 


Foxberryhills Immense Firework ♂







Co-owned dogs 



Foxberryhills Polar Star ♀


Lordsett No One Else ♂














Our Angels


Baskethill's Jewel to You ♀


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