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ESS kennel of Russia # 1 is Foxberryhills!!! Our National club of the ESS kept two ratings of show results this year. The first was based on the results of all shows and the second was based on the results of only ess specialities.

Our Connie - Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel is the ESS # 1 (all shows)

Kaj - Foxberryhills Around The World is the ESS # 1 (ess speciality)

Violetta - Foxberryhills Violet Dream is the Junior ESS # 1 (both ratings) and also she became Top Bitch# 2 (all shows)

and many another nice results of our dogs you can find here http://ess-club.ru/forum/index.php/topic/17-top-springer-2014-vse-vystavki/

We are so grateful to our puppies owners for showing their dogs in so great condition, to our dear handlers Anna Khrustaleva and Polina Nevinskaya for their great job and to all our friends for their help!!!





International Dog Show, St.Petersburg, 5 ESS

judges - Jo Schepers (Holland)/Rita Reyniers (Belgium)

Foxberryhills Dream Of Spring "Laima" - exc, JCAC, BOB, BIG-III/very good

Foxberryhills Dark Chocolate "Dakky" - exc, САС, CACIB/exc, CAC, resCACIB

Foxberryhills Ginger Cake "Freddy" - ---/exc, САС

Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" - exc, CAC, CACIB/---

We spent our weekend at the two biggest dog shows in St-Petersburg. First day was great for our team. We got Best Junior, Best male and Best Female! Our Junior Laima became Best of Breed and Best Of Group 3 later. The second day was not so lucky but also nice and our boys got CACs. Congratulations to all our winners and especially to Laima and her great team!!! Well done!!!



International Dog Show, Kiev, Ukraine, 2 ESS

judge - Wojciech Burski (Poland)/Denis Kuzelj (Bulgaria)

Foxberryhills Grand Prize For You "Patrik" - exc, САС, resCACIB/exc, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-IV

Foxberryhills Brave Heart "Ray" - exc, CAC, CACIB, BOB/exc, CAC, resCACIB

There are two springers at the International Dog shows in Kiev and these were two our boys - Patrik and Ray. They shared wins as good brothers :) Congratulations to both boy and their owners!!! :)



International Dog Show, Ekaterinburg, 2 ESS

judge - Andras Polgar (Serbia)

Foxberryhills Vittoria Mia Arte "Vesna" - CAC, CACIB, RKF Ch

Sasha and Vesna were travelling to Ekaterinburg on last weekend. And it was really nice trip!!! Congratulations on the very first CACIB!!! Well done, girls!!!



ESS Speciality, St-Petersburg, 10 ESS

judge - Rudy Feyaerts (Belgium)

Foxberryhills Eternal Jewel "Nega" - HP, Best baby, BISbaby-III

Foxberryhills Dream Of Spring "Laima" - exc, ClubCC

Lordsett No One Else "Nigel" - exc, JunClubCC, JBOB, BOB

Foxberryhills Dark Chocolate "Dakky" - exc, CQ

Foxberryhills Ginger Cake "Freddy" - exc, ClubCC, BM

Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" - exc, ClubCC, BB

Foxberryhills Air Of Spring "Risha" - exc, CQ




Traditionally we had our speciality in the middle of November. We had 7 dogs in our team. I'd like to say many thanks to all our puppie's owners for all!!! And congratulations with successes!!! We are the good team!!! :)))



Group 8 Speciality, Minsk, Belarus, 1 ESS

Foxberryhills Galaxy Of Joy "Laima" - CAC, BOB, BIS-I

We got wonderful news about Laima from Minsk. She was the Best dog at the Group 8 speciality!!! Congratulations to her owners Tanya and Viktor and handler Irina!!! :)))



European Dog Show 2014, Brno, Czech, 53 ESS

judge - Sigrid Jarmer (Austria)

Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violeta" - exc-1, САС

Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" - exc-1, САС, CACIB, European Winner-2014

Lordsett No One Else "Nigel" - exc



This Euro Dog Show was unforgettable for us!!! Nigel was in junior class and got excellent. And our girls did all great!!! Violetta won the intermidiate class and got CAC. Connie won the champion class in very high competition and then became best adult bitch, got CACIB and European Winner title!!! We are so greatfull to all our friens for their help, support and congratulatoions!!! :)))



National Dog Show, Brno, Czech, 10 ESS

judge - Andras Korózs (Hungary)

Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" - exc-1, САС

Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" - exc-1, САС, ЛПП


European Dog show began for us from the national show. And it was very nice begining!!! Violetta won the intermediate class!!! And Connie became Best of Breed!!! And new Czech champion!!!



Double Int Dog Show, Poznan, Poland, 23 ESS

Judges - Viera Vitkova (Slovakia) / Krzysztof Czechowski (Poland)

Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" - exc-3/exc-1, CAC

Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" - exc-3/exc-1, CAC, resCACIB



Our long trip around Eastern Europe we began from Poland. It was very intresting to see many beautuful dogs there and took part in these big shows ourself. Very first step for the Polish champion title has done! We will try to finish this one next year! :)



City obidience competition, Khabarovsk, 19 dogs in the group

Judge - Bogdanov Sergey, Vladivostok

Foxberryhills Bright Colors "Zlata" - 54/54 points, 1 place

Masha and Zlata took part in the obidience competition and won their group with highest possible points!!! Well done!!!



National dog show, St-Petersburg, 1 ESS

judge - Manola Pogessi (Italy)

Foxberryhills Vallaton Satu "Satu" - exc, CAC, BOB, BIG-I

Congratulations to Anna and Lara on the Satu's Ru Ch title!!!



Our Kaj - Foxberryhills Around The World - became a father. The puppies were born in St-Petersburg. These are 4 boys and 3 girls. The mother of puppies is Black Pearl Veil Ariel Klassika.

Breeder is Elena Rodina +7 905 281 64 98



Spaniel show/National show, Vitebsk, Belarus, 1/2 ESS

judges - Nikolay Sedyh/Galina Strelkova

Foxberryhills Galaxy Of Joy "Laima" - exc, JCAC, BOB, JBIS-II, BIS-I/exc, CAC, BOB, BIG-I, BIS-II

Laima visited two dog shows in Belarus. And she did this great!!! Congratulations to the owners Tatyana and Viktor!!!



Obidience competition, Komsomolsk-na-Omure

Foxberryhills Bright Colors "Zlata" - 99/100 points, 1 place

Masha with Zlata travelled to Komsomolsk in 400 km to take part in obidience competition. And they showed great work!!! They got the first place and very high point among many dogs!!! We are proud of you!!! Congratulations!!!



National Dog Show, St-Petersburg, 1 ESS

judge - L.Popova

Foxberryhills Vallaton Satu "Satu" - exc, САС, BOB, BIG-II

Satu and Lara took part in national dog show in St-Petersburg and did it excellente!!! Satu got second place in Group 8!!! Well done girls!!! :)



Obidience competition (CACOB), Odessa, Ukraina, 18 dogs

Foxberryhills Grand Prize For You "Patric" - 5th place at his first competition!!! Congratulations to the owners!!! :)



2xInternational Dog Show, Minsk, Belarus

judges: breed - Zhanna Bondar & Ramune Kazlauskaite, group - Ramune Kazlauskaite & Pero Bozhinovski, BIS - Karl-Erik Johansson & Milivoje Urosevic

Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-I, BIS-II / CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-I, BIS-IV





We spent unforgettable weekend in Minsk with our Violetta. And her results was fantastic!!! There were 14 springers in catalog. And she was Best of breed and Best in group both days. And also she finished Saturday as Best in show II and Sunday as Best in show IV!!! :)

Many thanks to all our friends for their help!!! :)))



International Dog Show, Velikiy Novgorod, 2 ESS

judge - N. Davidovska (Bulgaria)

Foxberryhills Ginger Cake "Freddy" - exc, CAC, CACIB, BOB and BIG-III

Congratulations to the owner Elena Chernyh!!!


National dog show, Vaimela, Estonia, 2 ESS

judge - V.Verbitskiy (Belarus)

Foxberryhills Vanity Jevel "Beti" - exc, JCAC, JBOB, BOB

Nice debut of our Estonian princess Beti. She was Best of Breed at her very first show. Big congrats to the owner Kati Maitse!!! :)



2xInternational Dog Show and Hunting dog speciality show, Uzhgorod, Ukraine, 1 ESS

judges - Kardos Vilmos (Hungary), Lenka Frncova (Chezh), Boris Alexandrov (Ukraine)

Foxberryhills Brave Heart "Ray" - CAC, CACIB, BOB/CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-I/CAC, BOB, BIS-IV


Ray had another great weekend at the International Dog Show in Ukraine. He got 2 CACIBs and was the Best in Group 8 on Sunday!!! And he was Best in show IV at the Hunting Dog Speciality!!! Well done Maria and Ray!!! We are so proud of you!!! :)


We have puppies - 8 boys and 1 girl!!! The proud parents of our E-litter are Adamant's Riding High and Foxberryhills Arctic Jewel. Welcome to the Puppies page!!!


International/national dog shows in Adazi, Latvia, 11 ESS

judges - breed Marina Ostrovskaya (Russia), group Nikolina Davidovska (Bulgaria)/Beata Petkevic (Latvia)

Foxberryhills Ginger Cake "Freddy" - exc-2, PP/exc-1, PP, JCAC =>Baltic&Lv JCh

Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" - exc-1, PP, JCAC/exc-2, PP =>Baltic&Lv JCh

Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" - exc-1, CACIB, BOB and BIG-V => C.I.E.

Connie, BIG-V

So hot, but successful weekend for our team in Latvia! Our youngsters finished Baltic and Lv J Ch. Congratulations to Lena on Freddy's new tittle!!! And Connie was entered only to first day and she was Best Of Breed and Best in Group V and finished International Champion (C.I.E.)!!!

BOS-BOB, 26.06.2014

Vesna - Foxberryhills Vittoria Mia Arte won her class in Kazan at the International Dog Show and got resCACIB. Congratularions to Alexandra!!!

Vesna in Kazan, 27.07.2014



Our sweet Saima has gone to the rainbow bridge today. We have no words to say what did she mean for us. She'll be in our hearts forever...

Saima, March 2014


Just got good news from our kennel club - Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" & Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" have hips A-A


2xInternational Dog Show "Belye Nochi-2014", 6 ESS
judges - Inga Siil (Estonia)/ Andrzej Stepinski (Poland)
Foxberryhills Gentle Flower "Rada" - ---/exc-1, JCAC, JBOB
Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" - exc-1, CAC/exc-1, CAC, rCACIB
Foxberryhills Vallaton Satu "Satu" - very good/excellent

Two sisters - Violetta and Satu - debuted in adult classes at the famous International Dog Shows Belye Nochi. Vioetta did it well, but Satu need training and find her better condition. Rada got her last JCAC and JBOB and finished RuJCh. Congratulations to Natasha and German!!! :)

Foxberryhills Violet Dream

Foxberryhills Gentle Flower
- Foxberryhills Vallaton Satu



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