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We are very proud and happy to introduce the new member of our team - Nigel - Lordsett No One Else (Forest FruitFrom Tamaam To Beresford x Lordsett White Wedding). 


3xInternational Dog Show, Helsinki, Finland, 71/97/63 ESS
judges - Robert Kanas (Slovakia) / Heather Cox (Irland) / Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari (Finland)
Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" - HP-2, HP-2 KP, HP-4
Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" - exc-3, exc-3, exc-2 CQ


Lovely and very intresting days in the kennel High Score. Thank you, AnnSofie and Sussane for your great hospitality!!! :)


2xInternational Dog Show, Saint-Petersburg, 8/7 ESS
judges - Aage Gjetnes (Norway) / Attila Czegledi (Hungary)
Foxberryhills Vallaton Satu "Satu" - HP, BOBpuppy
Foxberryhills Born To Hunt "Riku" - vg/exc, CAC, resCACIB


2xInternational Dog Show, Minsk, Belarus, 9/8 ESS
judges - Bozena Ovesna (Czech Republik) / Tina Taulos (Finland)
Foxberryhills Galaxy Of Joy "Laima" - HP, BOBpuppy, BISpuppy-IV/HP, BOBpuppy
Foxberryhills Around The World "Kaj" - exc, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-III/exc, CAC, CACIB, BOS
Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" - exc, CAC, CACIB, BOS/exc, CAC, resCACIB



ESS speciality Show, St-Petersburg, 15 ESS
judge - Jessie Henriette Borregaard Madsen (Denmark)
Foxberryhills Dream Of Spring "Laima"- HP-1, BOBbaby
Foxberryhills Ginger Cake "Freddy" - HP-1, BOSpuppy
Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" - HP-1, BOBpuppy
Foxberryhills Gentle Flower "Rada" - HP-2
Foxberryhills Vallaton Satu "Satu" - HP-3
Foxberryhills Born To Hunt "Riku" - VG
Foxberryhills Around The World "Kaj" - exc-1, CCC, BOS and also new RuClubCh
Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" - exc-1, CCC, BOB, BIS-III
Foxberryhills Arctic Jewel "Gerda" - exc-1, CC


Regional Dog Show, St-Petersburg, 7 ESS
judge - Dusko Piljevic (Serbia)
Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" - HP-1, BOBpuppy, BISpuppy-II
Foxberryhills Vallaton Satu "Satu" - HP-2
Foxberryhills Born To Hunt "Riku" - exc-1, CAC, BOS
Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" - exc-1, CAC, BOB, BIG-II



2xInternational Dog Show, Tartu, Estonia, 6 ESS
judges - breed - Fabian Daza(Colombia)/ Antomio di Lorenzo(Italy), group - Erodotus Neofytou(Cyprus), BIS - Andrey Kislyakov(Belarus)
Foxberryhills Around The World "Kaj" - exc-2, CQ, BD-3/exc-2, CQ, resCACIB, BD-2
Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" - exc, CAC, CACIB, BOB/exc, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-I, BEST IN SHOW

Photos from www.siinkimmas.com


New pictures of Tory - Foxberryhills Victory Chance.


judge - Petrushina Evgenia
Foxberryhills Bright Color "Zlata" - 90/100 points


2xInternational Dog Show "RUSSIA-2013", Moscow, 4/4 ESS
judges - breed - Maria-Luise Doppelrater (Austria)/ Luis Pinto Teixeira (Portugal), group (day 2) - Maria-Luise Doppelrater (Austria)
Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" - exc, CAC, CACIB, BOB/exc, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-I


D-pupies are 2 months.

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