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23.02.2018 - Happy birthday to our Y-litter!!! Best wishes to Merlin, Hunter, Chiara, Una and Lada!!!


22.02.2018 - Health news - we visited oculist today and got very nice results!!! Jamie, Connie, Jacky and Silva have clear eyes!!!



17.02.2018 - Nega and Jamie's puppies are 1 month old and we took first standing pictures. Wellcome to the Current litter page!




11.02.2018 - National dog show in Izhevsk, 1 ESS

 judge - Alekina T.

 Foxberryhills Immense Firework "Leo" - excellent, САС, BOB, BIG-III

 Congratulations to Elena and Leo on so nice result!!!


10.02.2018 - National Dog show in Yoshkar-Ola, 1 ESS

 judges - Vasilyev O. and Belkin A.

 Foxberryhills Part Of Me "Kefir" - very promissing, PBOB, PBIS-II/very promissing, PBOB, PBIS-I

 And big congratulations again to Elena and Kefir!!! You made us so proud!!!



04.02.2018 -New photos of puppies in 3 weeks old. Wellcome to the Current litter page!


03.02.2018 - National dog show, Cheboksary, 1 ESS

judges - Polivanov M. and Prozorov D.

Foxberryhills Part Of Me "Kefir" - very promissing, PBOB, BISpuppy-I


Well done Elena and Kefir on your success at the final competition!!! 


29.01.2018 - New pictures of Nega and Jamie's puppies. Wellcome to the Current litter page!



27.01.2018 - Spaniel club championship 2018, Moscow, 26 ESS

judge - Tarja Hovila (kennel Adamant's, Finland)

Foxberryhills Point Of No Return "Rocky" - HP-1, PBOB

Foxberryhills Part Of Me "Кефир" - HP-3

Foxberryhills Light Inside Of Me "Гуч" - exc-3, JCQ

Sieger's My Kind Of Hero "Джейми" - exc-2, JCQ

Foxberryhills My Heart Melody "Дейзи" - exc-1, Club Junior Winner 2018, JBOB

Foxberryhills La Vie Est Belle "Лави" - exc-4

Foxberryhills Immense Firework "Лео" - exc-1, ClubCAC

Foxberryhills Don't Stop Me "Степа" - exc-1

Foxberryhills Vittoria Mia Arte "Весна" - exc-1, ClubCAC

Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Конни" - exc-1, ClubCAC

Foxberryhills Ideal Of Hope "Сильва" - exc-1, ClubCAC

Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Виолетта" - exc-1, Club Winner 2018, Best Of Breed











 One of the biggest spaniel event of the year is over. This year we entered 12 ESS and all of them got excellent and some of them got titles! Rocky was Best puppy in hard competition! Congratulations to Alexandr Sazhin!!!

Daisy was Best Junior and Club Junior Winner 2018. Also she finished Russian club champion title!!!

Leo, Vesna, Silva and Connie won their classes and Violetta was Best bitch and then became Best of breed!!!

We are very happy about all our dogs and their owners!!! Big congratulations to all of you!!!

At the same time double CAC show was held in Moscow and Guch - Foxberryhills Light Inside Of Me was entered. Judges - Alla Filatova and Yana Gavrilova. He got 2 JCAC and was BOS at first show and BOB and BIG-I at the second. Congratulations to Alexandr and Alexandra!!!



20-21.01.2018 - Double CAC show in Daugavpils, Latvia, 4 ESS

judges - Milivoje Urosevic (Serbia) и Elzbieta Chwalibog (Poland)

Foxberryhills Indigo Child "Indy" - exc-1, САС, BOB, BIG-I/exc-1, BOB, BIG-II

Foxberryhills My Heart Melody "Daisy" - exc1, JСAC, BOS/ exc-1, BOS

We have new Latvian and Baltic Champion and this is Indy! Big congrats to Natalya Konopleva!!! You did great work!!!

And our Daisy also made us proud - she added new title to her credit - now she is Latvian Junior winner also!!!


14.01.2018 - We have newborns - 3 girls and 3 boys! The happy and proud parents are Nega and Jamie! Wellcome to the Current litter page!!!



14.01.2018 - Puppy show, Helsinki, Finland, 11 ESS

judge - Matti Luoso (Finland)

Foxberryhills Prime Time "Liida" - HP-2

Little Liida opened show season at the big Puppy show in Helsinki and did it well! She was the second in her class with HP out of 7 yound springer ladies. Congratulations to Suvi Lindholm!!!






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