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We got lovely postcard from kennel Baskethill's.
We wish all our friends Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010!!!


We just returned from Denmark, where our Saima Baskethill's Jewel to You  have met with Tabasco Sieger's Pool Position. We hope to see the results in the beggining of March 2010. You can read more about the planning litter at the Puppies page. Also the album from this journey added to the Gallery.


World Dog Show-2009, Bratislava, Slovakia
judge Barbara Muller

Baskethill's Jewel to You - excellent-2 (intermediate class), res CAC.
We had lovely and very intresting trip to World Dog Show in Bratislava, Slovakia. It was our first expirience at such big show. We bring a lot of nice memories and photos. Album from this trip added to the Gallery. And many thanks to our friend for great company!!! :)


ESS speciality "Nevkaya assambleya 2009", St-Petersburg, 3 ESS 
judge Arja Koskelo, Finland

Baskethill's Jewel to You - excellent, ClubCAC, BOS. 
Today we visit so long awaited ess speciality in St-Petersburg. Saima did it nice. She was one and only bitch... But got her first club CAC and lovely evaluation.


International Dog Show, Pskov, Russia, 1 ESS
judge Galina Todorova, Bulgaria

Baskethill's Jewel to You - excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB.


National all breed show, Rezekne, Latvia
judge Ekaterina Senashenko, Russia

Baskethill's Jewel to You - excellent... Judge said that Saima is very beautiful, but very fat...


Open hunting championship of Spaniel Club - 2009, Moscow region

It was first Saima's hunting trial, but she was clever girl! :) She got field diploma with 60 points - 3d prize. It was great adventure for us! And we know that we need to work more!!!


2 x International Dog Show "Belye Nochi-2009", St-Petersburg, 3 ESS

judges - Rita Kadike-Skadina (Latvia)/Ludmika Nikitina (Russia)

First International dog show in adult class for our Saima - Baskethill's Jewel to You. And she added 2 CACIBs to her credit. We are so happy!!! :)


Всероссийская выставка собак, Павловск
судья Патрина Марина, Россия

Baskethill's Jewel to You - отлично б/т..."Собака сильно загружена"


Reginal Dog Show, Vybord, Russia, 1 ESS 
judge - Mironov L.G. (Moscow)

 Saima's debut in intermediate class was great! She got Best of Breed and finally Best in Group-II.


national ESS speciality, Moscow, 21 ESS 
judge - Mike Bottomley, GB

Baskethill's Jewel to You - exc-2 with CQ.


National All Breed Show, Hamina, Finland, 23 ESS
judge Roberto Schill, Romania

We with our friends and Saima visited Hamina dog show. Saima was 2nd from 6 nice junior bitches with excellent. We are very glad about her result! :)


International Dog Show, St-Petersburg, 1 ESS

judge Nina Kharatishvili, Russia

Baskethill's Jewel to You - excellent, JunCAC, BOB.


Tampere International Dog Show, 54 ESS
judge Ann Ingdam, Irland

It was very intresting trip to Tampere. We met Saima's breeder Jaana Heiskari and Saima's relatives. Many thanks to Jaana for very intresting tips and grooming of Saima! :) Saima got very good, but it's also expirience. It was really big competition! Many thanks to our friends for this wonderfull travell!!! :)

Family photo: Aurora, Pablo, Saima and Elly

Our team: Saima, Duke, Fekla and Shakira


International Dog Show "Baltic Triumth-2009", 2 ESS 
judge - Jose Antonio Amaral, Portugal

 Baskethill's Jewel to You - excellent, JunCAC, BOB-junior. 


National all breed show, St-Petersburg, 1 ESS - 07.02.2009
judge Babianskine A., Lithuania

Baskethill's Jewel to You - excellent, JunCAC, BOB, BIG-I.

Reginal Dog Show, St-Petersburgг - 08.02.2009
judge - A. Zhuk, Belarus

Baskethill's Jewel to You - excellent, JunCAC, BOB, BIG-I.

National All Breed Show, St-Petersburgг - 08.02.2009
judge - I. Rodina, Moscow

Baskethill's Jewel to You - excellent, JunCAC, BOB, BIG-I.
It was unforgettable show weekend!!! Three shows and three Best in Group!!! And also Saima finished RuJCh! Many thanks to our handler Elena Myshkovskaya!!!


ESS speciality, Moscow, 23 ESS 
judge Keit Costello, England

Baskethill's Jewel to You - excellent, Junior Club Winner 2009 and BOB-junior. We are sooo happy about success in Moscow!!! Many thanks to our handler and all our friends for their help!!! :)


National Dog Show, St-Petersburg 
judge Alexandrov V, Russia

Baskethill's Jewel to You - excellent, JunCAC, BOB-junior.
Nice beggining of the showyear!!! :)))

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