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National Dog Shows , St-Petersburg, 2 ESS
judges: breed - Yulia Ovsyannikova/I. Gorshkova, BIS - L. Popova(Russia)
Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" - JCAC, BOB-junior/JCAC, BOB-junior, BOB, BISjun-V, BIS-I

Great debut of our Connie in junior class!!! First show and she won BEST IN SHOW!!! :)))


B-puppies are 9 months already!!! Many thanks to Maria for so nice photos of Zlata - Foxberryhills Bright Colors!!!

This is Ray- Foxberryhills Brave Heart with his little owner Sasha.

And this is Bella - Foxberryhills Bella Mia) and Chiara - Foxberryhills April Present


International Dog Shows "Helsinki Winner & Finnish Winner", Helsinki, Finland, 78-54 ESS
judges: Patsy Hollings (UK), Karl Eddie Berge (Norway)
Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" - 2 x HP-1, BOS-puppy


National Dog Show, Narva, Estonia, 5 ESS
judges: breed - Petar Klaric (Croatia), group - Anna Brankovich (Serbia)
Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" - HP, BOBpuppy
Sieger's Easy Come Easy Go "Lotta" - exc-1, CAC, BOB, BIG-I => Ee & Baltic Ch



ESS speciality, St-Petersburg, 18 ESS
judge - Monika Blaha (Austria)
Foxberryhills Born To Hunt "Riku" (puppy) - HP-1, BOBpuppy
Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" (puppy) - HP-1, BOSpuppy
Foxberryhills Because You Love Me "Teja" (puppy) - HP-2
Foxberryhills Brilliant Chance "Peppi" (puppy) - HP-3
Foxberryhills Around The World "Kaj" (winner class) - exc-1, CCC, BOB
Foxberryhills Amazing Story "Vejka (open class) - vg
Sieger's Easy Come Easy Go "Lotta" (working class) - exc-1, CCC, BOS
Foxberryhills Arctic Jewel "Gerda" (champion class) - exc-1, CC
Foxberryhills Air Of Spring "Risha" (champion class) - exc-2, CC




3 x National Dog Shows, St-Petersburg, 1 ESS
judges: I - Guffani Gianbattista (Italy), II - breed - Sergey Galiaskarov (Russia), BISpuppy - Elzbieta Chwalibog (Poland), III - Vladimir Aleksandrov (Russia)
Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" - HP, BOBpuppy/HP, BOBpuppy, BISpuppyIII/HP, BOBpuppy

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