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We've just recieved the good news. Gerda - Foxberryhills Arctic Jewel - has hips A-A!!! :)


Today Risha- Foxberryhills Air Of Spring got CACIB and BOS at the International Dog Show in Minsk. There were 4 ESS from Finland and Estonia. The judge was Piotr Krol from Poland. Congratulations to Marina!!! :)


National Dog show, St-Petersburg, Russia, 5 ESS
judge (breed & group) Valentina Ivanischeva (Russia), BIS - M. Uroshevich (Serbia)

Foxberryhills Around The World - exc-1, CAC, BOS
Foxberryhills Arctic Jewel - exc-1, CAC, BOB, BIG, BIS-IV
Foxberryhills Air of Spring - exc-1, CAC
Foxberryhills Amazinr Story - exc-1, CAC

We spent Sunday at the showground. Kaj was Best male and Gerda was Best of Breed. And at the final ring they were Best brace IV. Gerda won the group and them became BIS-IV. It was wonderful finish of autumn show season! :)))

Foxberryhills Arctic Jewel "Gerda"

Foxberryhills Arctic Jewel "Gerda"

Kaj & Gerda - BISBbrace-II

Our kennel is number III in the National ESS club rating. Lotta and Kaj gained first places in junior rating. And Saima is Top springer female III. And these are full our results in club rating:
Foxberryhills Around The World "Kaj" - Top Junior dog # 1
Sieger's Easy Come Easy Go "Lotta" - Top Junior bitch # 1
Foxberryhills Arctic Jewel "Gerda" - Top Junior bitch # 4
Baskethill's Jewel To You - Top Bitch # 3
Foxberryhills Around The World "Kaj" - Top dog # 5
Siegr's Easy Come Easy Go "Lotta" - Top bitch # 4
Foxberryhills Arctic Jewel "Gerda" - Top bitch # 7


Speciality spaniel show, St-Petersburg, Russia, 13 ESS
judge Luis Manuel Calado Catalan (Portugal)

Foxberryhills Around The World - exc-1, CCC, BD
Sieger's Easy Come Easy Go "Lotta" - exc-1, CCC, BOB
Foxberryhills Arctic Jewel - exc-1, CC
Foxberryhills Air of Spring - exc-1, CC
Foxberryhills Amazinr Story - exc-1, CC

The long awaited ess speciality was held at the Sunday. There were 13 ess this year from St-Petersburg, Moscow and Kaluga. All our dogs got excellent with CQ. Kaj was Best male with ClubCAC and Lotta got also ClubCAC and became Best Of Breed!!! We are so happy and proud of our team!!! Many thank to the puppy owners and our handler and all our friends for this great day!!! :)

Sieger's Easy Come Easy Go "Lotta"

Foxberryhills Around The World "Kaj"

Foxberryhills Arctic Jewel "Gerda"

Foxberryhills Air of Spring "Risha"

Foxberryhills Amazing Story "Vejka

Kaj & Gerda - BOBbrace

Kennel Foxberryhills - BOBkennel

Reginal Dog show, St-Petersburg, Russia, 2 ESS
judges: breed - Leni Finne(Finland), group - A. Nikitin (Russia), BIS - L.M.C.Catalan (Portugal)

Foxberryhills Around The World - CAC, BOS
Foxberryhills Arctic Jewel - CAC, BOB, BIG, BIS-III

Also reginal dog show was held in the same place and our Kaj and Gerda were entered. Both of them got excellent. Gerda was Best of Breed and then won the group and BIS-III !!!  Also they took part in brace competition and got II place! Gerda finished RuCh and also Lt, Lv and By Ch! 

Foxberryhills Arctic Jewel "Gerda"


International Dog Show, Riga, Latvia, 6 ESS
judge B. Muller (Switzerland)

Sieger's Easy Come Easy Go "Lotta" - exc-2, CQ, BB-4


National Dog Show, Tikhvin, 1 ESS
judge (breed & group) Sedykh N.E. (Russia)

Sieger's Easy Come Easy Go "Lotta" - exc, CAC, BOB, BIG-III

We decided to visit old town Tikhvin to see some beautiful place there and also take part at the dog show. Lotta was BOB and BIG-III and also finished RuCh. 

Few new pictures of Vejka - Foxberryhills Amazing Story. All summer she spent in Karelia. She started resque training in the autumn. We are so proud of her success in this activity.


Regional Dog Show, St-Petersburg, 1 ESS
judge (breed & group) Ligita Zake (Latvia), BIS - E. Kuleshova (Russia)

Sieger's Easy Come Easy Go "Lotta" - exc, CAC, BOB, BIG, BIS-IV

Wonderful day at the regional dog show in St-Petersburg. Lotta was Best of Breed and finally Best In Show IV. 


International Dog Show ROSSIA-2011, Moscow, 10 ESS
judge Clyde E. Show (USA)

Foxberryhills Around The World - CAC, resCACIB => Rus Ch
Sieger's Easy Come Easy Go "Lotta" - exc-2

First time at the International Dog show in Moscow and not so bad result :) Kaj got CAC and resCACIB and finished RuCh. Lotta got excellent.


Spaniel Show, Jovariskes, Lithuania, 2 ESS
judge Dusko Piljevic (Serbia)

Sieger's Easy Come Easy Go "Lotta" - JCAC, LtClubJW-11, BOB-junior, BOB, BISjunior-III, BIS-IV

Amazing weekend in Lithiania. Club show was held in few km from Trakaj in the small hotel garden. The weather was so nice. Dogs tun and played all time. And as lovely addition of this was nice Lotta's results :)


Sieger's Easy Come Easy Go "Lotta" - passed hunting ability test in Kouvola (Finland)
judge Heli Rummukainen (Finland)

After lovely Lapland vacation we with Lotta went to the hunting test in Kouvola (Finland). And Lotta passed it!!! :) Clever girl!!! :) 
Chiara open agility season with nice results. We got some pictures from theis training.

Risha (Foxberryhills Air of Spring) was Best bitch and got CAC and CACIB at the International dog show in Novgorod 21.08.2011. Congratulations to the owners!!!


Int Dog Show, Pskov, 3 ESS
judge Yolanda Nagler Magal (Israel)
Foxberryhill's Around the World "Kaj" - exc, CAC, CACIB, RKF Ch, BOB
Sieger's Easy Come Easy Go "Lotta" - exc, CAC, CACIB, RKF Ch, BOS
Foxberryhill's Arctic Jewel "Gerda" - exc, CAC, resCACIB
Kaj+Gerda - BISbrace-III

Foxberryhill's Arctic Jewel & Foxberryhills Around the World "Kaj - BISbrace-III

Nice relusts in Pskov. Love this town!!! Love this show!!! :)))


Hunting in Novaya Ladoga with Lotta


National Dog Show, Jaunmarupe, Latvia, 3 ESS
judge Richard Kinsey (GB)/ Galina Zhuk (Belarussia)
Sieger's Easy Come Easy Go "Lotta" - exc-1, junCAC, BOB/exc-1, BOS = Lv JCh => Baltic JCh
Foxberryhill's Around the World "Kaj" - vg/exc-1, CAC, BOB, BIG-I
Foxberryhill's Arctic Jewel "Gerda" - vg/exc-1, CAC, BB2

Since 3 week we have been in Latvia again. And we has nice results again!!! Lotta finished Latvian Junior Champion, Kaj and Gerda got LV CACs. Lotta was BOB first day. And Kaj was BOB on Sunday and also won the group!!! It was really nice surprize for us!!! Lond way home was so pleasent :)))


National Dog Show, Ogre, Latvia, 3 ESS
judge Beata Petkevich (Latvia)
Foxberryhill's Arctic Jewel "Gerda" - exc-1, junCAC, BOS = Lv JCh => Baltic JCh

Gerda finished Lv and also Baltic J Ch.  

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