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Our kennel is the TOP ESS KENNEL # 1 in Russia second year in row!!! We are so grateful to all puppies owners who showed their dog in good condition and earned points for our kennel!!! We congratulations all Foxberryhills springers owners with such great result!!!

Our girl Connie and Violetta became TOP ESS BITCH # 1 and # 2 this year!!! Nega is TOP JUNIOR!!!

These are full results of our springers:

3. Foxberryhills Don't Stop Me - 67
6.  Foxberryhills Ginger Cake - 41
16. Foxberryhills Dark Chocolate - 2
 1. Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel - 157
2. Foxberryhills Violet Dream - 118
5. Foxberryhills Vittoria Mia Arte - 39
10. Foxberryhills Arctic Jewel - 12
11. Foxberryhills Girl Of My Dream - 11
15. Foxberryhills Vallaton Satu - 5
2. Foxberryhills Endless Ride - 25
1. Foxberryhills Eternal Jewel - 147
6. Foxberryhills Dream Of Spring - 18



IDS Nevsky winner 2015, St.Petersburg, 7/10 ESS  

judges - Tatjana Ivanova / Gunnar Nymann (Denmark)

Foxberryhills Jewel To You Forever "Jacky" -  --/HP, BOBpuppy

Foxberryhills Eternal Jewel "Нега" - --/exc, JCAC, BOBjuinor

Foxberryhills Ginger Cake "Фредди" - --/exc, САС, CACIB, BOS

Foxberryhills Blliss To Be The Jewel "Конни" - exc/exc, CAC, CACIB, BOB

We have finished our show season 2015 at the IDS Nevsky winner in St.Petersburg with Connie's win! All our dogs won their classes and Freddy became BOS with his second CACIB and Nega became BOBjunior! Our princess Jacky had debut in puppy class with nice critique and BOBpuppy title. She needs more show expirience for sure - will work on this next year :))) 



IDS Helsinki & Finnis Winner 2015, Helsinki, Finland, 56 ESS

judges - Harri Lehkonen (Finland) | Frank Whyte (UK)

Foxberryhills Eternal Jewel  "Nega"- exc-2, CQ|exc-1, CQ, BB 4, Finnish Junior Winner 2015

Foxberryhills Ginger Cake "Freddy" - exc-3/exc-3

Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" - exc/exc

We spent unforgettable weekend in Finland!  We took part at the one of the biggest show in Scandinavia - Helsinki and Finnish winner 2015. Nega was the hero of this weekend! She got seconfd place in junior class in high competition at the first day and won this class at the second day!!!  Nega is the Junior Finnish winner 2015!!! We are so proud of our sweet girl!!!



Latvian Spaniel Club Show & IDS Riga's Winner 2015, Riga, Latvia, 6/7 АСС

judges - Maria Hutsteiner (Austria)/Nikitina L. (Russia)

Foxberryhills Eternal Jewel "Nega" - vg/exc-1, PP, BB1, Riga's JW'15, BOB

Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" - exc-1, CQ, BB1, BOB, BIS-IV|exc-1, CQ, BB4


 Very intresting and succesfull show weekend in Riga. We were going to come to Latvian spaniel club show for a long time. And finally decided to come this year! And Connie was Best of breed and BIS-IV under spaniel specialist Maria Hutsteiner from Austria. And Nega was Best of breed at the second day when we took part in the International Dog Show Riga's Winner 2015 under Ludmila Nikitina!!!



National Dog Show, Velikiy Novgorod, 1 ESS

judge - Lakatosh Julia 

Foxberryhills Jolly Fairy Tale "Jolly" - HP, BISpuppy-III


Connie's babies have turned 6 months and they entered puppy class :) First of them was Jolly - she has nice debut in puppy class in Novgorod! She got lovely critique and then became BISpuppy-III! Congratulations to Natalia on such great result and also on debut as handler!!!




National Dog Show, Saratov, 1 ESS

judge - Sokolova L.V.

Foxberryhills Journey To The Dream "Wally"  - HP, BISbaby-I

Last show for Wally and Maria was very succesfull!!! Wally was Best In Show baby!!! Well done Maria!!! Great job!!!


01.11.2015 - Our I-litter was born today!!! The proud parents are Violetta and Gordon - wellcome to the litter page!!! 



International Dog Show Russia-2015, Moscow, 9/7 ESS

judge - breed - Wim Wellens, group - Svein Bjarne Helgesen/breed - Michael KREINER, group - Harri Lehkonen

Foxberryhills Journey To The Dream "Wally" - HP, Best baby

Foxberryhills Eternal Jewel "Nega" - exc-2/exc-1, JСАС, Best Junior

Foxberryhills Galaxy Of Joy "Laima" - exc-1, САС, resCACIB/exc-1, CAC, resCACIB

Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" - exc-1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-II/exc-1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-II




International Dogs Shows in Moscow were very successfull for us this year. Connie came to excellent condition after puppies and did really great job!!! She was Best of breed both days and Best In Group II! Beauty Laima from Minsk was second with resCACIB after Connie. Wally - Best baby! Nega was second in junior class at the first day and first on at the second! And she finished RuJCh title! Congratulations to all Foxberryhills team!!! It was really great weekend!!! 



National Dog Show, Saratov, 1 ESS

judge - Prozorov D.

Foxberryhills Journey To The Dream "Wally" - Best in Show baby-I

Wally took part in dog show in Saratov and add one more BISbaby to his credit!!! Well done Maria and Wally - you are great couple!!! 



National Dog Show, Valmiera, Latvia, 7 ESS

Foxberryhills Eternal Jewel "Nega" - 2 x exc-1, JСАС, BB-2



Little Jolly - Foxberryhills Jolly Fairy Tail was very busy last weekend.She took part in agility competition and won first place in puppy class. And befire she had nice debut in dog show and was Best baby of breed, and also she competed in dog puller competition and got 2nd place in puppy class!!! Congratulations to Jolly's team!!! :)




National Dog Show, St.Petersburg, 1 ESS

judge - Mark Zaturinskiy, Kazakhstan

Foxberryhills Ginger Cake "Freddy" - exc, САС, BOB, BIG-II

Well done Lena and Freddy!!! And congratulations on Ru Ch title!!! 



Spaniel Club Show, Jovariskis, Lithuania, 18 ESS

judge - Angella Hackett (UK)

Foxberryhills Jewel To You Forever "Jacky" - HP-1, BOBbaby, BISbaby-I

Foxberryhills Eternal Jewel "Nega - exc-1, JCAC, BOBjunior, BISjunior-III

Foxberryhills Ginger Cake "Freddy" - exc-1, САС

Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" - exc-2





Last September weekend we were so happy to visit lovely club show near Trakai. There were 18 english springer spaniels this year! Even Jacky had strong competition in baby class!!! It was her debut at the dog show and she did it great!!! She was Best baby out of 3 springer babies and later became BIS baby-I!!!

Nega showed herself also nice! She was Best junior and later BISjun-III.

Freddy and his owner Lena joined us after long brake and Freddy won open class.

Violetta was second in champion class after beautiful lady from Poland, who later becam best in show! 

And after this wonderful show we spent lovely Sunday in Trakai :)






 Wellcome to new Gallery - Hunting 



Ntional Dog Show, Saratov, 1 ESS

Judge - Khachaturyan A.

Foxberryhills Journey To The Dream "Wally" - HP, BISbaby-III

Congratulations to Maria and Wally on your win and BISbaby-III!!! :)



 Great news from Mogilev, Belarus from Winnie - Foxberryhills Energy Of Wind! He took part in few dog shows in Belarus with nice results!!!


Vitebsk, 05.09.2015
National All breed Show 

National group 8 show

Excellent, J.CAC,BOB, JBEST III.


Winnie finished two titles - Junior Champion of the breed and Junior Grand Champion of Belarus!


 And also he visiter Smolensk, Russia this weekend there he was 2 x BOB and finished Russian Junior Champion title!!!


Big congratulations to Olga and Winnie!!! Well done!!! 





International and group 8 shows in Sopot, Poland, 12/6 ESS

judges - Elżbieta Sobieszczańska / Krzysztof Czechowski (Poland)

Foxberryhills Eternal Jewel "Nega" - exc-2 / exc-1, JCAC, JBOB, JBIS-II

Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" - exc-1, CAC| exc-1, CAC

Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" - exc-1, CAC, CACIB /exc-1, CAC, BOB => CIE & Pl Ch

Breeder group Foxberryhills - BIS-II|BIS-I






We decided to spend my birthday on Baltic sea and choose Sopot. And our girls took part in two dog shows there. I got super presents from them!!! The hero of this weekend was Violetta. She finished C.I.E. and Polish Ch titles!!! And is was so pleasant to see how Connie was happy in the ring after long puppies vacation. She got 2 CACs. Nega also had nice results - she was second in her class on Saturday and won her class on Sunday. And later she became JBOB and JBIS-II!!! We took part and breeder class competition and were BIS-II at the International Dog Show and BIS-I at group speciality!!! :)


And Vesna visited National Dog Show in Kirov, judge Ekaterina Baujes. She was BOB, BIG-I and BIS-III. It's first Vesna BIS placement. So happy about you!!! Huge congratulations, girls!!! 




And we got super news from Wally - Foxberryhills Journey To The Dream - he had great debut in baby class in Ulyanovsk, judge Aleksey Belkin. He was Best baby in Show I !!! Wonderful beginning!!! Congratulations Maria and Wally!!! :)









International Dog Show, Pskov, 1 ESS

judge - Astrid Lundava (Estonia)

Foxberryhills Vittoria Mia Arte "Vesna" - exc, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Congratulations to Vesna and Sasha on one more CACIB!!! Well done!!! :)



Happy birthday to E-litter!!! :)




Happy birthday to D-litter!!! :)

Stepa - Foxberryhills Don't Stop Me 



Agility competition in Vladivostok

Foxberryhills Bright Colors "Zlata" - exc, CACAG

ZLata took part in agility competition in Vladivostok and got her first CACAG and won her class out of 14 dogs!!! Well done girls!!! We are so proud of you!!! :)



National Dog Show, Gorzow, Poland, 6 ESS

judge - Eugenia Fengler (Poland)

Foxberryhills Eternal Jewel "Nega" - exc, JCAC, JBOB

Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" - exc, CAC, BOB, BIG-III


 We  had unforgettable weekend in Poland in kennel Tamaam. We visited beautiful Wroclaw and dog show in Gorzow. Nega was Best Junior and Violetta was Best of Breed and BIG-III !!! We are so gratefull to Agnieszka Banaszak-Kulka for the great hospitality and handling of our girls!!! :)))



IDS, Vladimir, 3 ESS

judge - Erwin Deutscher (Austria)

Foxberryhills Vittoria Mia Arte "Vesna" - exc, САС, CACIB, BOB

Violetta's sister Vesna travelled from Kirov to Vladimir to IDS, where she got her second CACIB and was Best Of Breed!!! Well done dear girls!!! :)


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